Engage. Retain. Grow.

Rich Mobile Messaging

Impactful app engagement.

OPAL offers a handy web interface to quickly create and deliver compelling, rich-media campaigns to your app. Delight and motivate users to take instant actions.

Rich Push Notifications

Emotionally engage users with messages containing images, videos, GIFs, links, maps, and more.


Create a branded inbox, comprising your key offers and messages, tailored to each user’s context.

Deep Linking

Minimise the conversion path by linking messages directly to screens inside your app.


Schedule your messages delivery for a later date/time or set periodical delivery rules.

User segmentation and targeting

The right message to the right user.

Deliver truly personalised mobile experiences via advanced user segmentation. Create segments based on user behaviour, reaction to past campaigns, existing CRM data, and technology characteristics.

Behavioural Segmentation

Target messages based on each user's in-app behaviour, browsing history and user preferences.


Take advantage or users’ reaction to past campaigns and optimise your message performance.

CRM Integration

Achieve ultimate personalization by connecting OPAL to your CRM or uploading user CSV files.


Segment your messaging based on users' hardware and software device characteristics.

Customer Intelligence

Actionable insights. Smarter decisions.

The more you know about your customers, the more valuable mobile experiences you can deliver. OPAL offers the right set of analytics to help you better understand users and monitor mobile growth.

Engagement & Retention Statistics

Track all the mobile KPIs that really matter, including DAU, MAU, Sessions, Time in app, and more.

Custom Screens and Events

Define and monitor the behaviour attributes that uniquely make sense to your app and your business.

Campaign Performance

Understand which campaigns work best, optimise your future messages, and deliver meanignful experiences.

RAW Data Export

Export and download raw data related to your segments, sent campaigns, and app analytics.

Enterprise Ready

Designed to deliver results. At scale.

OPAL is built to best serve enterprises' needs to effectively communicate with their users. With this in mind, we make sure that all security, scalability, and role-permission aspects are met.

Integration Ready

OPAL offers a well-defined set of REST APIs to provide easy and quick CRM integration.


OPAL instantly scales in order to meet traffic spikes and high volume demands.


OPAL meets all enterprise-class security levels and encryption standards.

Multi-role authentication

Assign roles to your team and effectively manage your mobile engagement efforts.

Start engaging your users today.