Access meaningful and actionable insights

Understand customer journey

Get to know exactly how users interact with your brand, both on mobile and web. Understand why, when, and which features or purchase paths drive the highest ROI.

  • Custom event & screen reporting
    Custom event & screen reporting

    Define and monitor the behavior attributes that uniquely make sense to your business. Track custom events, screen views, and screen groups over time.

  • Cross-channel analytics
    Cross-channel analytics

    Get a clear view of the different behavior patterns between mobile and web interactions.

  • Visualizations
    Handy visualizations

    Meaningful visualizations that reduce noise and enable you to extract customer insights faster and easier than even before.

Customer journey

Make smarter decisions

Out-of-the-box track user growth, engagement and retention KPIs. OPAL ensures you track the metrics that really matter and will help improve your customer engagement strategy.

  • User growth
    User growth

    Monitor new users, installations, opt-in rates across all channels and device types.

  • Engagement Metrics
    Engagement Metrics

    Track all critical KPIs such as Daily Active Users (DAU), Monthly Active Users (MAU), daily sessions, session length, time in-app.

  • Retention

    Use cohort and stickiness reports to monitor post-installation engagement over time and identify how loyal your customers are.

Customer growth

Optimize your messaging

Thanks to OPAL meaningful visualizations, you can quickly understand how your messaging impacts business KPIs. Get to know exactly which campaigns and/or segments perform best and fine-tune your future messaging.

  • Campaign analytics
    Campaign analytics

    Automatically monitor campaign reach, opens & conversions. Understand when your messages are actually seen and which channel works best.

  • Campaign impact
    Campaign impact

    Easily understand how each campaign affects users’ behavior, end-to-end. Monitor how many event triggers will occur as a direct impact of your message.

Campaign impact

Data you can act on

OPAL enables you to not just view, but also to leverage data collected from mobile and web users. With just a click, you can use these data to micro-segment your customers, target your campaigns, and increase conversions.

Behavioral segmentation
Advanced segments
Advanced segments

Segment users based on all collected data; behavioral, campaign reaction, and technology.

Target campaigns
Target campaigns

Not just view reports and segments; Use them to directly target your messaging and instantly view your ROI increase.

Export raw data
Export raw data

Use our real-time APIs or CSV exports to fuel your own BI tools with raw data.

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