Skyrocket loyalty

Make each interaction unique

Send the perfect message to each user. Deliver truly personalized experiences and make each interaction unique; the key to convert and retain your customers.

Dynamic content
Dynamic content

Enrich your message with dynamic properties, such as customer’s name, loyalty points, last product purchased, etc.

Skyrocket campaign impact

Go beyond personalized text and deliver messages that contain dynamic rich media content, too. Perfectly meet each and every user’s needs and expectations.

Rich personalization
Personalized rich media
Personalized rich media

Enrich your messages with compelling, dynamic rich media content (such as images and QR codes) tailored to each user.

Real-time Messaging API

Connect OPAL to your existing CRM or BI tools and fuel personalized messaging, in real-time.

CSV support
CSV support

Export CSV files right from your privately-owned servers and upload them to OPAL. Instantly personalize message content.

Benefit from cross-channel personalization

Uniquely identify each customer during his/her journey on mobile and web. Use web browsing data to message user on mobile or vice versa.

Omni channel personalization
Single customer view
Single customer view

Augment your customers’ profile by uniquely identifying and capturing the way each user interacts with your mobile app and website.

Message personalisation
Message personalization

With a single customer view, you can enrich your message with dynamic properties, such as customer’s name, last purchase or loyalty points and achieve ultimate campaign impact.


Combat abandoned carts and deliver web push notifications that deeplink users right to their shopping cart. Offer a seamless user journey that generates more sales.

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