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OPAL combines behavioral analytics and rich-media, personalized messaging to help you improve customer engagement, retention, and monetization efforts.

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Higher conversions with rich media campaigns


Engagement increase with location-based targeting


Higher retention with in-app messages


Customer LTV increase with personalized messaging



Increase conversions and profitability by sending the right message in the right place, at the right time.

Engage mobile
Mobile push icon
Push notifications

Deliver rich media, personalized messages directly to users’ mobile devices. Even when your app is closed.

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In-app icon
In-app messages

Message your customers right when they are inside your app. Serve product recommendations and greatly boost response rates.

Deeplink icon
Deep links

Optimize customer journey by leading users directly to specific screens inside your app. Ensure faster conversions and great user experience.

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Engage desktop
Web push notifications icon
Web push notifications

Message your website or e-commerce visitors anytime, anywhere, right on their web browsers; even when they are not on your website.

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Remarketing icon
Advanced user targeting

Increase relevancy by targeting users based on their browsing history, interests, frequency of visits, past purchases and more.

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Cross-channel analytics icon
Omni-channel engagement

Automate personalized messages across all your channels. Combat abandoned carts and generate more sales.

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Engage store
Geofence icon
Location-based marketing

Trigger location-based campaigns that target users right when they enter or exit a specific radius around your store(s).

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Effortless places management

Manage thousands of places in the most convenient and handy way. Drive in-store traffic across all your retail network.

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Minimum battery consumption

Our sophisticated algorithms ensure minimum impact on devices’ battery life.

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Delight customers.

Fuel conversions.

Emotionally engage users with interactive, rich media campaigns that help to increase brand awareness and further boost conversions.

Homepage campaign 1Homepage campaign 2Homepage campaign 3Homepage campaign 4
Homepage campaign 1Homepage campaign 2Homepage campaign 3Homepage campaign 4
Homepage campaign 1Homepage campaign 2Homepage campaign 3Homepage campaign 4
  • Rich media icon green
    Rich media

    Go beyond text and deliver compelling campaigns that contain images, videos, GIFs, and animations.

  • Personalisation icon green
    Personalized rich media

    Enrich your messages with dynamic rich media content (such as images and QR codes) tailored to each user.

  • Rich templates icon green
    Built-in templates

    Save time and benefit from ready-to-use, conversion-oriented campaign templates.


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