Push notifications

Engage users. Increase conversions

Personally engage users

Motivate app users to take instant action by sending personalized messages, tailored to each user’s needs and wants. Improve your retention and monetization efforts.

  • Mobile push
    Push notifications

    Deliver engaging messages directly to users’ mobile devices. Even when your app is closed.

  • Personalisation

    Enrich your message with dynamic properties such as customer’s name or loyalty points and dramatically boost campaign impact.

  • Emoji
    Emoji support

    Capture user attention at a glance with emojis! Ensure your message leads to higher click through rates (CTR).

Personalized push notificationsPersonalized push notificationsPersonalized push notifications

Delight, inspire action

Go beyond text messages. Emotionally engage users with interactive, rich media campaigns that help to increase brand awareness and further boost conversions.

Rich media notification
Rich media
Rich media

Create compelling content with images, videos, GIFs, and animations.

Rich templates
Built-in templates

Benefit from ready-to-use, conversion-optimized campaign templates. Save time and feel confident that your message is optimally presented across all device types and screen sizes.

Campaign editor
Beautiful campaign composer

Quickly setup, customize (fonts, colors, images, animations), preview, and test your campaigns through a handy interface.

Minimize conversion path

Optimize customer journey by leading users directly to specific screens inside your app, skipping all intermediate steps. Ensure faster conversions and great user experience that lead to increased revenues.

  • Deep link
    Deep links

    Define and re-use multiple deep links that drive users to specific screens or actions in your app.

  • Multiple actions
    Multiple actions

    Influence different user actions by adding multiple buttons to your messages. Measure and understand which one works best.

Deep link

Maximize message reach

Ensure 100% message visibility. Create a branded inbox within your app and promote your key campaigns tailored to each user’s context. No app update needed.

  • Branded App inbox
    Branded app inbox

    Keep your most important messages stored in your app and let your customers revisit them at any time they want. Greatly useful for discounts and coupons.

  • Badges & sounds
    Badges & sounds

    Want your message to stand out? Add a badge or a custom notification sound and make sure you will draw your users’ attention.

Branded App inbox

Measure & optimize

Visualize message performance and justify your engagement ROI through meaningful visualizations. Get to know exactly which campaigns perform best and fine-tune your future messaging.

  • Conversion tracking
    Conversion tracking

    Monitor critical campaign KPIs such as reach, opens, and conversions. Understand when your messages are actually seen and which platform works best.

  • Campaign impact
    Campaign impact

    Easily understand how each campaign affects users’ behaviour, end-to-end. Monitor how many event triggers will occur as a direct impact of your message.

Campaign impact

Speed up your work

Create and deliver your message in seconds! OPAL is recognized for its handy and easy-to-use interface. No technical skills required.

Branded templates
Branded templates

Build upon ready-to-use campaign templates and create your own branded ones. Quickly re-use them to save time.

Campaign scheduling
Campaign scheduling

Send your campaign instantly or schedule it for later. You may also automate message scheduling by defining daily, weekly or monthly auto-delivery rules.

User experience
Unparalleled user experience

OPAL is designed with great empahsis on speed and usability. Deliver and monitor campaign performance faster than ever. No technical skills required.

Improve your mobile & web ROI

Let’s talk about how OPAL can help you improve customer engagement, retention, and monetisation efforts.