Convert more players to payers


Convert more players

Converting players to payers is the #1 sustainability factor for iGaming operators, which provide lottery, betting, casino, and other related solutions. The combination of repetitive plays and higher player spending can ensure great profitability over time.

Inspire action, on time

Timely notify users about upcoming jackpots, matches or prizes and increase participation rates, playing frequency, and revenues.

Provide easy & quick access to betting options

Enrich messaging with compelling imagery, animations, and immediate access to betting options that make it even more enticing and easy for players to convert.

Increase customer spending

Go beyond broadcast messaging and deliver highly targeted, personalized campaigns that can make players play more and spend more.

iGaming | Convert more players


Increase player engagement

Given the highly competitive iGaming landscape, it is crucial for operators to engage users at the moments that really matter to them. Create a delightful omni-channel experience that drives engagement and maximizes Lifetime Value (LTV).

Personally engage players

Deliver an engagement strategy tailored to each player's playing history, preferences, reaction to past campaigns, location, and even more.

Benefit from cross-channel messaging

Be where your customers are. Give them the most relevant, revenue-generating offers as they move from your website to your app, and vice versa.

Reduce churn

Quickly identify players with high propensity to churn and win them back by offering them a promo tailored to their own profile.

iGaming | Increase player engagement


Make data-driven, smarter decisions

With the mobile penetration into the iGaming industry, betting, lotteries, and casinos on smartphones and tablets have been exploded, already surpassing web. Being able to identify players accurately, understand their playing habits, and personally engage them on the right channel is critical for iGaming operators’ growth today.

Capture players’ mobile and web playing behavior

Track all KPIs that really matter to your business and understand how and when players interact with your app or website.

Integrate with your own, private data

Using OPAL Partner APIs, you can ingest players’ app or web behavior analytics into your own Business Intelligence (BI) tools, combine them with privately owned datasets, and develop a unified, comprehensive view of each customer.

Access rich player insights

With a single player view, easily identify why, when, and which games, betting options, purchase paths, and campaigns drive the highest engagement and ROI.

iGaming | Make data-driven, smarter decisions


Accelerate growth

Nowadays, building a successful iGaming business requires a player engagement strategy that is easy to deliver, measure, and optimize.

Automate communication

Whether you need an automatic way to notify winning players or directly message players via your own Player Account Management (PAM) platform, OPAL provides you with a well-defined set of APIs, easy to integrate.

Personalize messaging

Enrich your message with individualized content (such as player’s name, last gameplay, winning tickets) and make each interaction unique; the key to retain and convert more players.

Improve your operations

With OPAL’s multi-role access, you can assign different roles to your growth or customer engagement team. Optimize your operations and let your team members thrive.

iGaming | Accelerate growth


Rely on a trusted partner

We believe that customer engagement and marketing teams inside iGaming operators should focus on creatively establishing lasting relationships with their customers, without any scalability, security or reliability concerns.

Justify your customer engagement ROI

OPAL offers meaningful and handy visualizations that help you easily monitor business KPIs, track messaging impact, and justify your customer engagement ROI. Orchestrate your engagement efforts, from a single, easy-to-use, and cost-effective platform.

Your data are safe

We know that security and data integrity are crucial for your business. This is why OPAL meets all enterprise-call security levels and encryption standards. Our hosting provider, Google Cloud, maintains multiple certifications for its data centers and services, such as ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC, and PCI DSS.

Scale with confidence

OPAL instantly scales to meet traffic spikes and high-volume demands, that are common case for the iGaming industry (e.g. during Jackpots, great matches, etc.).

iGaming | Rely on a trusted partner

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