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Get started with OPAL

Getting started with OPAL is easy and quick. Our well-defined onboarding process ensures that you can start engaging your customers and gain business value as soon as possible.

Activation services

We guide your team to properly setup your OPAL account, assign roles, and take the most out of the OPAL platform, easily and fast.

Platform training

For all our new customers, we perform a thorough platform tour so as to quickly get familiar with its analytics and engagement capabilities.

Integration assistance

Integrating OPAL into your mobile application or website is simple and straightforward. However, our team is always available to help you effectively connect OPAL to your existing CRM/BI tools and answer any technical inquiries you may have.

Professional Services | Get Started with OPAL


Make the most out of your brand

Our company has long experience in designing holistic, impactful, and measurable mobile marketing strategies. Α dedicated Customer Success Manager will work with you to ensure that your customer engagement, retention, and monetisation efforts are met.

Engagement strategy design

We work closely with you to understand your brand’s objectives and uncover opportunities for growth. We share insights and industry best practices to assist you create a clear, well-defined, and measurable engagement strategy.

Campaign management

Our team of experts will help you execute a communication plan that activates users and ensures repetitive conversions and revenues. On a regular basis, we will track campaign performance and growth KPIs so as to optimize your engagement efforts.

Feature requests evaluation

Do you have a specific business need not currently supported via OPAL? We will evaluate your need and try to make it work for you in the best possible way.

Professional Services | Make the most out of your brand


Scale with confidence

Our engineers work alongside your technical team to ensure that you get expert-level assistance, right when you need it.

On-demand support

Apart from the detailed developer’s documentation, our technical team will help you resolve any issues that may arise and provide feedback to technical inquiries, such as event tracking optimizations, API integrations, etc.

Feature adoption

When we release new features, we make sure that you are timely and adequately trained to adopt them. Our engineering team will assist you so as to properly integrate new features and leverage platform’s ROI.

Professional Services | Scale with confidence

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