OPAL is a product of Trebbble mobile agency.


We help brands unlock their growth potential in the post-mobile era .

Today, in a fast moving world, where technology transforms the way we communicate, shop, work, and get entertained, people embrace companies that meet their needs in the most valuable and relevant way.

At Trebbble, we know how to translate brand needs into user-centric experiences throughout the customer journey. We take pride in crafting mobile apps and services that delight, engage, and convert. This way, we help organizations build meaningful relationships with their customers, uncover new revenue opportunities, and grow their business.

Our work is highly recognized for its personality, attention to detail, and impeccable quality.



Trebbble Thanos Makris

Thanos Makris

Co-Founder, CEO

Trebbble Vaggelis Rekkas

Vaggelis Rekkas

Co-Founder, Head of UX

Trebbble Dimitris Makris

Dimitris Makris

Co-Founder, Head of Mobile

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