Finance & Trading

Exceed customer expectations


Improve customer experience

The exponential penetration of mobile in the finance and trading sector gives businesses the opportunity to exceed customer expectations and deliver instant account updates, wherever users are.

Timely alert your customers

Immediately notify customers on their mobile device, when a new payment transaction is completed, a credit card limit approaches, a trading action is processed, or even when a money transfer request from a family member is made.

Enable quick response

Link messages with direct action so as to help your customers take immediate action, with no delay, when this is really needed (e.g. adjust spending limit, confirm trading option).

Finance & trading | Improve customer experience


Optimally upsell existing customers

Today, fintech has transformed the way banks operate and customer experience is the main competitive front. Traditional financial institutions recognize that modern consumers demand products tailored to their own needs and wants.

Deliver relevant promotions

Go beyond broadcast campaigns and deliver targeted promotions that match the balance, spending habits, and transaction volume of each customer.

Delight customers

Maximize campaign effectiveness by messaging each user personally. Build valuable, lasting relationships with your customers.

No mobile, no problem

Reach your customers on their web browsers, even when they are not on your website.

Finance & trading | Optimally upsell existing customers


Better know and serve your customers

Financial institutions have a lot of data about their customers but now can get access to rich customer insights coming from users’ journey on the dominant digital touchpoints; mobile and web.

Track customers’ mobile & web journey

OPAL helps you augment your customers’ profile by fully capturing the way users interact with their mobile app and website, in real-time.

Integrate with your own, private data

Thanks to OPAL Partner APIs, this new valuable source of information (depicting what users actually want, when, and why during their interactions with digital channels) can easily be integrated with existing CRM and Business Intelligence tools.

Access rich customer insights

With a single customer view, financial and trading institutions, can personally target and engage each customer separately or micro-segment customer base and optimally serve each one of them.

Finance & trading | Better know and serve your customers


Rely on a trusted partner

We believe that growth and marketing teams inside financial institutions should focus on creatively establishing lasting relationships with their customers, without any scalability, security or reliability concerns.

Justify your customer engagement ROI

OPAL offers meaningful and handy visualizations that help you easily monitor business KPIs, track messaging impact, and justify your customer engagement ROI. Orchestrate your engagement efforts, from a single, easy-to-use, and cost-effective platform.

Your data are safe

We understand that security and data integrity are crucial for Telcos. This is why OPAL meets all enterprise-call security levels and encryption standards. Our hosting provider, Google Cloud, maintains multiple certifications for its data centers and services, such as ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC, and PCI DSS.

Scale with confidence

OPAL instantly scales to meet traffic spikes and high-volume demands and ensure your messages are always delivered on time.

Finance & trading | Rely on a trusted partner

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