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Reduce churn. Increase LTV.


Reduce churn

In the telecommunications industry, customer acquisition is very expensive, while at the same time, churn rates are high. In order to increase customer retention and protect acquisition costs, telcos need to systematically keep customer satisfaction high.

Quickly identify customers prone to churn

Using OPAL Behavioral Analytics, you can easily identify customers with high propensity to leave, such as those who haven’t top up their account for 3 weeks or haven’t log in to mobile/web app during the last 20 days.

Win them back

Personally message churn-prone customers, remind them of your service benefits or offer them a promo matching their own profile to win them back.

Build lasting customer relationships

OPAL makes it easy for you to deliver an engagement strategy tailored to each user’s needs and wants, and establish lasting customer relationships.

Telecom operators | Reduce churn


Effectively upsell and cross-sell

Improving customer Lifetime Value (LTV) is vital for sustained profitability. Telcos can greatly benefit from using targeted offers and revenue-related messaging to help generate more sales over time.

Micro-segment customer base

Using OPAL, you can break your customer base into micro-segments (based on in-app behavior, purchase history, device, location, etc.) to deliver targeted and relevant offers that are more likely to lead to sales.

Minimize conversion path

Thanks to OPAL Dynamic Deep Links, campaign messages can lead users directly to screens inside your mobile app, bypassing all intermediate steps. This leads to higher conversion rates and increased chances for sales and revenue growth.

Telecom operators | Effectively upsell and cross-sell


Better understand & serve your customers

With hundreds of online and offline touchpoints, being able to identify customers accurately, can greatly help telcos optimize their marketing spending, ensure a positive customer experience, and establish brand loyalty.

Track customers’ mobile & web journey

OPAL can help you augment your customers’ profile by fully capturing the way users interact (visited screens, actions performed, etc.) with your mobile app and website.

Integrate with your own, private data

Using OPAL Partner APIs, you can ingest users’ app or web behavior analytics into your own Business Intelligence (BI) tools, combine them with privately owned datasets, like call center analytics, and develop a unified, comprehensive view of each customer.

Make smarter decisions

With a single customer view, you can easily identify why, when, and which features, purchase paths and campaigns drive the highest engagement and ROI.

Telecom operators | Better understand & serve your customers


Increase customer experience

While data analytics can predict customer behaviour, true business value is only realized when telcos are able to use these data to increase customer experience and satisfaction.

Share important information on time

Establish lasting, meaningful relationships with your customers by engaging them on the moments that truly matter for them (e.g. low balance, contract expiration, service alerts).

Personalize messaging

Enrich your message with your customer’s profile information (such as name and last activation) and make each interaction unique; they key to retain and convert customers.

Delight customers

Emotionally engage customers and influence purchases with messages containing rich-media content, such images, videos and GIFs.

Telecom operators | Increase customer experience


Rely on a trusted partner

We believe that customer engagement and marketing teams inside telcos should focus on creatively establishing lasting relationships with their customers, without any scalability, security or reliability concerns.

Visualize and justify your ROI

OPAL offers meaningful and handy visualizations that help you easily monitor business KPIs, track messaging impact, and justify your ROI.

Your data are safe

We know that security and data integrity are crucial for telcos. This is why OPAL meets all enterprise-call security levels and encryption standards. Our hosting provider, Google Cloud, maintains multiple certifications for its data centers and services, such as ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC, and PCI DSS.

Scale with confidence

OPAL instantly scales to meet traffic spikes and high-volume demands and ensure your messages are always delivered on time.

Telecom operators | Rely on a trusted partner

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