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Improve sales & loyalty


Drive more sales

The ultimate challenge for retailers and eCommerce brands is to increase the frequency and the value of purchases. Given the fact that the competition over the customer is fierce, brands need the right tools to convert more shoppers and increase their business sustainability.

Timely activate your customers

Create and deliver highly targeted, cross-channel campaigns (e.g. new product arrivals, time-limited offers, surprise rewards) that nudge your customers to come back to your app or website and increase chances to convert.

Combat cart abandonment

Nearly 55% of online shoppers abandon their shopping cart and never return to the retailer’s site. Re-activate your abandoned user base and win back sales that otherwise would have been lost.

Emotionally engage customers

Build upon OPAL’s rich media messaging capabilities (comprising images, videos, emojis, and GIFs) to best showcase your products, create excitement, and influence more purchases.

Retail & eCommerce brands | Drive more sales


Establish & maintain loyalty

Apart from a convenient shopping experience, today’s consumers expect high levels of personalization from the brands they interact with. Only the brands that address each and every customer’s individualized needs can realize higher retention and lifetime value (LTV) from their audience.

Micro-segment customer base

Using OPAL, you can break your customer base into micro-segments (based on purchase history, favorite brands, spending habits, etc.) to deliver relevant product recommendations that are more likely to lead to sales.

Personalize messaging

Enrich your message with your customer’s profile information (such as name or card loyalty points) and make each interaction unique; they key to delight, retain, and convert customers.

Build lasting customer relationships

OPAL makes it easy for you to deliver an engagement strategy tailored to each user’s needs and wants. Deliver higher value to your customers and establish lasting customer relationships.

Retail & eCommerce brands | Establish & maintain loyalty


Be where your customer are

Nowadays, shoppers interact with retail brands in multiple touchpoints, such as website, mobile app, or physical stores. Throughout their customer journey, customers expect a consistent, seamless brand offering across every channel.

Track customers’ mobile & web journey

OPAL helps you augment your customers’ profile by fully capturing the way users interact with their mobile app and website, in real-time. With a single customer view, you can personally target each customer separately on the channel that best fits her needs.

Engage shoppers on mobile and web

Reach your customers wherever they are; on their smartphones, tablets, or web browsers, even when they are not on your website.

Send location-based messages

Deliver relevant offers at the right time, in the right place. Send push notifications to users right when they enter or exit your store(s). Drive in-store traffic and generate more sales.

Retail & eCommerce brands | Be where your customer are


Better understand and serve your customers

With hundreds of online and offline touchpoints, being able to identify customers accurately, can greatly help retailers optimize their marketing spending, ensure a positive customer experience, and establish brand loyalty.

Access rich customer insights

Build upon OPAL Behavioral Analytics, tailor-made Funnels, and a plethora of handy visualizations that can help you truly understand why, when, and which features or purchase paths drive the highest engagement and ROI.

Benefit from actionable, predictive analytics

Via OPAL, you may capture the true impact or financial uplift of your customer engagement efforts. Also, our AI-based engine can help you effortlessly identify customers prone to churn. Even more, you can use all these data ta drive contextual, meaningful engagement and lift sales.

Integrate with your own, private data

Using OPAL Partner APIs, you can ingest users’ app or web behavior analytics into your own Business Intelligence (BI) tools, combine them with privately owned datasets, like call center analytics, and develop a unified, comprehensive view of each customer.

Retail & eCommerce brands | Better understand and serve your customers


Rely on a trusted partner

We believe that growth and marketing teams inside retailers and eCommerce barnds should focus on creatively establishing lasting relationships with their customers, without any scalability, security or reliability concerns.

Justify your customer engagement ROI

OPAL offers meaningful and handy visualizations that help you easily monitor business KPIs, track messaging impact, and justify your customer engagement ROI. Orchestrate your engagement efforts, from a single, easy-to-use, and cost-effective platform.

Your data are safe

We understand that security and data integrity are crucial for Telcos. This is why OPAL meets all enterprise-call security levels and encryption standards. Our hosting provider, Google Cloud, maintains multiple certifications for its data centers and services, such as ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC, and PCI DSS.

Scale with confidence

OPAL instantly scales to meet traffic spikes and high-volume demands and ensure your messages are always delivered on time.

Retail & eCommerce brands | Rely on a trusted partner

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